Ear Endoscopy

Ear endoscopy can be crucial in cases of severe pathology. It is also performed in order to have a more specific image of the external and middle ear. Otomicroscopy can be also performed in such cases with the specific instrument (otomicroscope) that we use in our office

Ενδοσκόπηση ωτων

Nose-Rhinopharynx Endoscopy

The examination is performed with flexible or rigid endoscopy instruments that we use in the office. The examination is completely painless without any discomfort for the patient. Therefore it can be and is used in both adults and children.

The whole procedure is being recorded and the patient – if requested- can obtain a copy for their archive.

In children the endoscopic evaluation of the rhinopharynx is crucial in recognizing the underlying pathology of chronic infections (such as chronic otitis). The results are being discussed with the parents and the best pharmaceutical or surgical solution of the problem can be decided.

Endoscopy of larynx

Following simple laryngoscopy, the endoscopic evaluation of the laryngeal device (vocal cords etc) is essential for patients with voice problems, difficulting in breathing/swallowing and so on. The examination is performed in our office, is completely painless and is made with flexible or rigid endoscope depending on each case. Any pathology is being recorded in patient’s medical history (after consent).