Pediatric ENT surgeries

What are the tonsils and the adenoids?

These are normal tissue, part of the lymphoid system that is based on the sidewalls of the pharynx and on the rhinopharynx.

When must we remove this tissue surgically?

According to international instructions, when a child suffers from repeated episodes of apnea during sleep (snoring, breathing blockage) or has repeated episodes of otitis media or tonsillitis we must proceed to the removal of tonsils plus/or adenoids. This is extremely essential for the child’s normal growth.

How long must the child remain to the hospital postoperatively?

The child remains to the hospital for 24 hours postoperatively, unless any rare complication occur.

Is this surgery painful for the child? What about receiving food the following days postoperatively?

The parents will be given instructions as for the painkillers and the specific diet the child will be under the following days. Quite soon the child will return to their normal eating habits.