Nasal polyps

Rhinological surgeries

I was diagnosed with nasal polyps. What exactly do I have?

In patients suffering from chronic allergy rhinitis (or other underlying diseases) the upper layer of the nose wall (mucous membrane) can be filled up with mucous and create a nasal polyp. Rarely enough this polyps can hide more serious disease, but in the majority of cases are harmless. Nevertheless, without proper therapeutic intervations these polyps can become even larger and at the end they can obstruct the normal air flow in the nose.

How can we manage such pathological condition?

Surgically with the use of endoscopic instruments the polyps are removed and the area is cleaned to normal. This way the normal function of the nose can be restored.

What are the side effects of such a surgery?

Almost no complications are expected due to expertise on this kind of surgery. The patient can return to their everyday life the next day after surgery.