Complete ENT examination

Με εξοπλισμό τελευταίας τεχνολογίας


During otoscopy we can identify any pathology of the External Meatus, the Tympanic Membrane and the Middle ear too. If needed, the examination can be followed by otomicroscopy (using a specific microscope to identify specific ear diseases).


Rhinoscopy is the examination of the nose with a specific instrument called Rhinoscope and external light. This examination gives a first glance on any nose pathology and can be completed with more examinations, such as endoscopy of the nose.

ΩΡΛ Εξέταση - Εξοπλισμός
Πλήρης ΩΡΛ Εξέταση

Examination of oral cavity,pharynx

Using external source of light and specific instruments we perform a detailed evaluation of the oral cavity and pharynx to identify any kind of pathology.


Laryngoscopy is the technique that we use to evaluate or detect any laryngeal pathology, with the use specific instruments. Usually it is followed by endoscopy of the larynx.

Examination of the neck

The neck is inspected with palpation so that we can identify any abnormalities. If needed the patient will be given instructions for more specific examinations.