Minor surgeries

Do you perform any minor surgeries? Of what kind and where?

The office is fully equipped for minor operations. The latter include excision of dermatic lesions (cysts, nevuses, lipomas e.t.c.) of head and neck. The specimen is always sent for biopsy.

Lesions of the auricle or nose (hematomas, remove of foreign bodies e.t.c.) can also be taken care in the office.

We also have equipment to succesfully control any epistaxis or ear bleeding.

Finally in case of trauma, such as fracture of nasal bones or facial wounds (cuts), the therapy and restoration can be made in the office too.

What about the results of such minor operations?

Using specific techniques and methods of plastic surgery, the results are more than satisfactory.

Are there other minor operations you perform in your office?

Of course. Depending on each case we remove papillomas from pharynx, shunts in case of sialadenitis and more.

All the above are perform under local anesthesia, the patient suffers no discomfort and the results are excellent.