Laryngeal surgeries

Παθήσεις λάρυγγα- Μικρολαρυγγοσκόπηση

I’m having a hoarseness lately? What might be the problem?

There are many reasons for such a situation. Usually we find benign lesions such as nodules, polyps or trauma due to extreme/bad use of the voice. Nevertheless more serious lesions can also be found-especially in smokers- that might need immediate excision and biopsy.

How can we see a lesion on the vocal cords? Can this lesion be cured?

In our office, using an endoscopic camera we can detect the lesion. If the lesion must be removed we do so with a technique called microlaryngoscopy that is performed at the hospital under general anesthesia. The access to the larynx, during this operation, is done from the oral cavity and no external incisions are made. If needed we can excise the lesion with the use of Laser CO2 or KTP Laser.

In case of an operation what must I do?

The patient is instructed not to use their voice for a few days after surgery. The patient can return home the same day of the surgery and usually in the afternoon. Of course the operation is completely painless.