Rhinological surgeries

What is chronic sinusitis?

The nasal sinuses (maxillary, ethmoids, frontal and sphenoid) are ‘boxes’ around the nose that normally contain air.

In patients with chronic sinusitis these sinuses are filled with musous. This mucous can be infected from time to time and thus can lead to another episode of sinusitis.

Moreover the presence of mucous can cause heavy headedness, bad breath, or fluid flow/ pus from the nose.

Χρόνια παραρρινοκολπίτιδα

Can you manage such pathological condition and how?

We can solve this lesion surgically, using endoscopic instruments (FESS-Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery). The concetrated mucous or any other lesion of the sinuses are detected with an endoscopic camera and is removed with minimal invasive instruments. This way the area is ventilated normally and the patient is relieved from their symptoms.

What to expect after surgery?

No postoperative pain is expected and the patient is released from hospital within 24hours.