Pediatric ENT surgeries

What is otitis media with effusion?

It is a situation where fluid is present in the middle ear (the part of the ear that lies behind the tympanic membrane). It quite often in young children. Most of the time it is caused by a low ventilation of middle ear due to the presence of enlarged adenoids.

When and how do we proceed to surgical management of such pathology?

In cases where the pathology persists despite the pharmaceutical therapy or it affects the child’s normal communication (loss of hearing due to the presence of fluid) we have to move on to a surgical solution. The latter includes the creation of a fluid shunt and, if necessary, the placement of ventilation tubes in the tympanic membrane. In certain cases during the surgery we also remove the enlarged adenoids (adenoidectomy) in order to achieve the maximum therapeutical result.

How long must the child remain to the hospital postoperatively?

The child remains to the hospital for 24 hours postoperatively. If the operation does not include adenoidectomy the child is discharged in the afternoon of the operation day.

Is this surgery painful for the child? What must the parent be aware of?

It is a completely painless operation. Instruction are given and the parent must be aware that no fluid (e.g. water) must enter the child’s external meatus for a period of time.